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Selective Countertops LLC

Solid Surfaces

Stylish Solid Surface Possibilities

With over 100 colors to choose from, solid surface countertops from Selective Countertops, LLC allow you to design a space as individual as you are. Let your inner designer run wild with our great assortment of inlays, seamless backsplashes, integrated sinks and much more.


LivingStone® SmartPalette™ is large enough to coordinate with any project yet small enough to provide exceptional value. You can choose from 46 exceptional colors.

Shop a Little Smarter: Molecule for molecule, LivingStone® is identical to other leading brands of 100% acrylic solid surface, but there is a difference. We work smarter to bring you high-performance surfaces at a price the other leading brands can’t match.

Take the Stress Out of Color: Every 100% acrylic color of LivingStone® is a best seller. So any color you choose from our SmartPalette™ is sure to enhance the appeal and resale value of your property. And odds are that your family, friends, and future prospective buyers will love the color you choose as much as you do.

Corian ™

DuPoint™ Corian® can be thermoformed, carved, molded, textured, and routed to conform to your imagination in both horizontal and vertical applications. It is tough, long-lasting, and can stand up to heavy use. DuPoint™ Corian® meets the ISO 19712-1 requirement for light fastness. Marks and scratches can be removed easily to restore it to its original appearance. DuPoint™ Corian® is backed by a 10-year limited product warranty. Its colors are NSF / ANSI Standard 51 certified. The DuPoint™ Corian® is nonporous, heat resistant, and stain resistant. It is also GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality certified®.


Imagine a countertop surface that’s just as durable as it is beautiful. A solid surface countertop allows you to create the look and design you’ve always wanted for your kitchen. The Bellavati solid surface is a 1/2″ thick, 100% acrylic-based surface that is solid, nonporous and does not require any sealing. They are naturally resistant to heat, mold, mildew and most stains and even the tough stains can be easily buffed away. Best of all, they’re also renewable and repairable in case damage does ever occur.


Avonite solid surfaces use a textured granite or gemstone look and resembles stone with their color being consistent throughout the material. It is a commonly-used material for both baths and kitchens and Avonite also manufacturers a 40% post-industrial recycled series of solid surface products.

More Great Reasons to Consider Solid Surface Products

Solid surface technology is proven to last and our products also come with a 10-year limited warranty when installed by a certified installer
Creates a signature look that mixes and matches well with other materials
Solid surfaces offer nearly limitless color options to select from
The surface material feels luxurious to the touch
No additional grout, sink lip or seam gaps to keep clean
Stains can’t permeate nonporous solid surfaces, can be easily removed and your countertop will never require sealing
Durable, tough and long-lasting to stand up to heavy use and superb UV resistance, so it won’t fade under direct sunlight
Because the color of each piece is consistent throughout, marks and scratches can be removed easily to restore it to its original condition

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