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Laminate Countertops

Exquisite Laminate Countertops

For exceptional affordability and quality, laminate is a beautiful and easy to maintain countertop option. Laminate countertops are available in hundreds of color, from natural textures like stone and wood to more uniform designs of solids and aggregates. As a result, matching your countertops to their surrounding elements is easy and, if you don’t see your favorite color in stock, we can special order it for you.


Laminate products are fun, affordable and they look terrific. No matter what your particular budget or style may be, you’ll find the right product to meet your needs in the Wilsonart laminate portfolio. Laminate countertops are well-known for requiring very low maintenance and laminate offers the widest range of designs of any surfacing material. Decorative edge opportunities can also give you even more ways to dress up your new countertop.


Combine and create with Formica laminate countertop products. Nothing ignites creativity like their variety of great products. Formica® offers an extensive number of solid color choices, woodgrains and patterns. It also offers a wide range of spectacular tactile finishes. Mix and match with other products to make your project goals a reality and use your options to create a specific mood, reflect a personality or define a corporate identity that you stand behind.


Whether your project requires a high-quality decorative laminate for residential use or a specialty surface to withstand the extremes of a commercial environment, Pionite has the perfect solution for your needs. The specialty laminates that they produce offer some of the finest products on the market. The products include items that offer structural stability, color-through surfaces, chemical resistance, fire-rated surfaces and electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection.


Nevamar also maintains their long-standing tradition of technical and design innovation by featuring a broad selection of high-quality products. Today, Nevamar high-pressure laminates are more versatile than ever and capable of resisting the general wear and tear that keeps most laminates from looking newer for longer periods of time.


More Reasons to Try Laminate Countertops

You can select from softer shapes and available profile designs to offer a more distinctive, one-piece aesthetic.

Backsplash options
Incorporate your own integral backsplash which defines the practicality of laminate countertop options. Backsplash heights are standard, but custom heights can be specified to adapt to your particular design requirements.

Post-form laminate countertops are designed to fit into your budget and still maintain their designer appeal. Undermounting sinks to laminate countertops is no longer an impossibility and we even have a complete line of sink options currently available for order.

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